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When I insert a UAD or Powercore effect on a rewire channel there is a noticible delay.For some reason, one of the other peripherals on the same channel are sending interrupt requests to the UAD-2 and causing a connection loss between the UAD-2 and your system.Alternatively, you can either disable the devices in BIOS or in the Windows Device Manager.What kind of 3rd party plugins and whatnot are compatible with Logic.My original emails say that cross platform codes are compatible.After the bounce your plug-in settings are rendered into the audio file which you can re-import again.Hi.did you manage to resolve this problem as I am now having the same thing happening.Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- AxelMacBook Pro, Lion 10.7.5, Garageband 11 (version 6.0.5).

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Than I have a PCI-X SATA card from Firmtek and 3 more Hard Drives are connected to it (Samples and Data storage)-they are not inside G5.If your undo history includes a LOT of audio edits, this might be an issue.Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings. 147.6 GB Uncompressed.WAV 101.1 GB Disk space required 202.2 GB Disk space required during installation FREE KONTAKT PLAYER INCLUDED.Its good to know that specific plugins will cause latency on the entire system, and to avoid them if possible.I own the PSP mixpack which has a particularly different flavor of compressor.

But why should I do that since I have I already have a PT hardware.In the Maestro Software there is signal, I can see the meters and hear the signal via the Meastro Software.

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I finally got connected with support. thought trouble shooting, we found the problem has to do with loading 2.0 session with those plugins active.Now when i open the drop down menu all the presets are listed.The plug-in is crossed off in the inspector and no sound in coming out.The only thing that was crashing my set-up was Omnisphere and had some MIDI controller learn problems.I did recently updated all of my NI plugs but this happens on some other plugins as well.

DB:3.05:Audition Cc Does Not Load Any Of My Uad 64 Bit Plugins.After a second install it was working and everything seemed to be ok.If your the least bit interested you can drop the.xpi if you can find it and use the command line switches against Mozilla to install plugins, etc.Please understand that IRQ conflict is a common hardware error which occurs when two devices were trying to use the same interrupt request (or IRQ) to signal an interrupt to the Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC).Will try UA help again Monday--keep getting the machine today.I understand all the options but with PTHD you can use any other boxes such as the RME 800.

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I already have good SSD drive so loading and streaming samples is lightning fast. thanks.I did not change a thing (no new plugins for more than month - tahat was the UAD-card.), no new drivers, etc.

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G5 dual 2,3 Mac OS X (10.4.3) RME Fireface 800, PoCo, Uad-1 Ultra.

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Mine was set to UAD-2, I switched it to UAD-1 and the plug-ins load in Logic fine now.I have to take the cards out of my computer and do a deep cleaning removal job, then reinstall with the cards out etc.

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I could open and play sessions that where very close to the limit on the G5 and add several Altiverbs with no problems.

Hi everybody, I hope somebody out there has the same system as I have. just without my problems and therefore is able to give me some advice.In this instructable I am going to go through all the control features found on most mixers (mixing consoles, mixing desks, audio consoles, soundboards - they all.If you get 64 you could possibly get lower with either interface if optimized.Compare prices of 92 Psp Console products from 4 online stores.

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According to the Logic manual (pg 380) software monitoring does cause some latency.

Make sure to close and restart Logic 8 after you make the change inside the UAD Meter app.Dont know, we wait, wait, and finally theyll change the hardware, and will ask us to buy the new revolutionary product.However in Logic.nothing. Software instruments do work and recorded tracks do playback.

You should be fine with 9.1.5 then. though there is no guarantee of course, but it seems that 9.1.5 is not affected by this issue to anything like the degree of 9.1.6 onwards.I got the last driver from UAD and also the Last Apple update check all the right and smart with Onyx and also restart my template from scratch incase it was corrupted or something but same thing.

This is broken since 10.4.9, and Apple has recommended one download the combo version of the updates.Do you toggle between different buffer settings (e.g. 128 when recording and 512 when playing back).

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